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Clinical Trial Details

Low Level of Her2 Neu

Phase 3 Study Where all Patients Receive a Standard Chemotherapy Program with or without Herceptin in Patients Who Have Positive Lymph Nodes or Have Negative Lymph Nodes with Other High Risk Features and Their Her2 Neu Level is Low


The study is being done to learn if adding Herceptin to standard chemotherapy treatment in patients with low levels of Her2 new will help prevent breast cancer from returning and extend life expectancy. Patients that are assigned to the Herceptin group will get Herceptin along with their chemotherapy and then continue to get it every three weeks for a total of one year.

IRB Protocol Number
Principal Investigator(s)
John Smith

Clinical Trial Categories

  • Breast Cancer
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Margaret White, RN OCN, CC at 603-232-8908
How to Participate


  • Payson Center for Cancer Care
    250 Pleasant Street
    Concord, NH 03301
    Main: 603-230-6000