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Published on February 17, 2016

SMART Heart Program Keeps Community Members with Heart Failure Healthy

SMART Heart ProgramSMART Heart is another way Concord Hospital is working to keep community members healthy, especially those with congestive heart failure.

The program concentrates on educating heart failure patients about low-sodium options for the foods they love to eat and provides a cookbook of low-sodium recipes. Sodium acts like a sponge for fluid and causes heart failure patients to become fluid overloaded, making breathing even more difficult and often resulting in hospitalization. Following a low-sodium diet helps heart failure patients avoid fluid overload.

In 2015, our dietitians, diet technicians, care coordinators and nurses identified patients who would benefit from intensive classes on the two-gram sodium diet and invited them to attend the program. Outpatients followed by our Heart Wellness Program also were invited to attend daily, half-hour classes.