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Published on September 28, 2016

Patient Story: Kimberley Edelmann

For years, Kimberley Edelmann of Warner lived a life filled with horses. She competed in horse shows, gave riding lessons and trained and boarded horses. But, in the fall of 2014, she nearly had to give it all up.

Kimberley Edelmann

Kimberley Edelmann

Kimberley’s pelvic floor was collapsing, and her internal organs were dropping out of place. Combined with associated urological issues, she couldn’t compete in horse shows or do much of anything that required venturing far from a bathroom.

After considering several options, including “gracefully accepting aging without complaint,” Kimberley chose corrective surgery and was referred to the Center for Urologic Care’s Pelvic Medicine, Continence and Sexual Health Program.

Urologist Dr. Veronica Triaca and gynecologist Dr. Heidi Hallonquist focused
on a complete, long-lasting solution. With robotic-assisted surgery, they returned Kimberley’s pelvic organs to their correct positions, with support structures to keep them there.

After a three-month “horsey vacation” to focus on full recovery, Kimberley resumed taking care of horses and giving riding lessons. She’s also back in the saddle herself, riding and training her own horses at her stables,
Kearsarge Meadows, LLC.