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ANNUAL REPORT 2015 Paysonhealthf r o m C o n c o r d H o s p i t a l P a y s o n C e n t e r f o r C a n c e r C a r e Care. Promise. Hope. A commitment for today and tomorrow. Lisa Ober 42 breast cancer patient celebrates the end of radiation treatment by ringing the bell. See Lisas Story on page4 2 Paysonhealth A SpecialThankYou Concord Hospital acknowledges and thanks NancyKane for her 12-12 years of tireless passion and devotion to Payson Center for Cancer Care. Her commitment to positively impact patients and their families while they face one of lifes most challenging experiences will always be remembered. We wish her all the best in her retirement. PublicReportingofOutcomes 3 LisaObersStory ConcordHospitalPaysonCenter 4 HOPEResourceCenter 12 QuinoaTabboulehwithFetaRecipe 14 Resources 15 InterventionalRadiology 16 AnticancerLifestyleProgram 17 CancerWellnessClassesandSupportGroups 18 SavetheDateFoodasMedicine 19 CHTDonorsSupportingPaysonCenter 20 SpecialProjectCampaign 24 CHTEventsSupportingPaysonCenter 26 BecomeaPaysonCenterFRIEND 27 ConnectAtAGlance BackCover A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 5 3 Public Reporting of Outcomes Concord Hospital Payson Center for Cancer Care is committed to sharing outcomes of our efforts in order to continuously evaluate and improve the quality of care we provide. Through feedback from patients our own observations national trends and other sources we continuously identify ways in which the care we provide at the Center can be improved. The Payson Center is accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer. All accredited cancer programs regularly send de-identified data on certain measures to the National Cancer Data Base. The following chart shows data derived from that submission on five measures regarding breast cancer. If you have questions please call 603230-6000. Cancer Program Practice Profile Reports CP3R For Breast Cancers Select Breast Measures 2013 Estimated Performance Rate Image or palpation-guided needle biopsy core or FNA of the primary site is performed to establish diagnosis of breast cancer. Quality Improvement Radiation therapy is recommended or administered following any mastectomy within one year 365 days of diagnosis of breast cancer for women with four positive regional lymph nodes. Accountability Combination chemotherapy is recommended or administered within four months 120 days of diagnosis for women under 70 with AJCC T1cN0 or stage IB III hormone receptor negative breast cancer. Accountability Radiation is administered within one year 365 days of diagnosis for women under the age of 70 receiving breast conservation surgery for breast cancer. Accountability Tamoxifen or third generation aromatase inhibitor is recommended or administered within one year 365 days of diagnosis for women with AJCC T1c or state IB-III hormone receptor positive breast cancer. Accountability Background The Web-based Cancer Program Practice Profile Reports CP3R offer local providers comparative information to assess adherence to and consideration of standard care therapies for major cancers. This reporting tool provides a platform from which to promote continuous practice improvement to improve quality of patient care at the local level and also permits hospitals to compare their care for these patients relative to that of other providers. 100 100 100 96.1 92.1 4 Paysonhealth Caring for patients their family their world When Lisa Ober and her twin sister Holly turned 40 they gave themselves the gift of a mammogram. For Holly inTennessee the results were normal and life remained the same. For Lisa in Belmont the results prompted more tests and life turned upside down. Lisa had breast cancer. In a year that became a blur to her Payson Center for Cancer Care embraced Lisa and her young family providing an array of medical and support services that removed her cancer soothed her anxiety and helped her husband and young sons cope with the illness and the treatment. The first thing I said wasWhat about my boysWhat do I do for themLisa said of her sons Zakkary who was nine and Zander who was four.Then we hit the floor running. Lisas care resembles a directory of Payson Center services mammogram ultrasound biopsy surgery chemotherapy radiation therapy breast reconstruction the Anticancer Lifestyle Program financial counseling and assistance genetic testing physical therapy nutritional counseling support services for her sons and husband a clinical trial to help test new therapies continuing hormone therapy and specialized care to counter the removal of lymph nodes. The treatment was difficult make no mistake but Lisa and her husband Chad were optimistic and focused.They also were supported by family Payson Center professionals and a caring network of new friends fellow cancer patients. It started with Lisas mammogram in September of 2014 shortly after she turned 40.The image showed something suspicious which led to an ultrasound a biopsy then a diagnosis of cancer all within eight days. 3D Mammography Tomosynthesis Tomosynthesis technology now the standard for mammography exams for Concord Hospital Breast Care Center creates three-dimensional breast images that help detect cancer earlier than previously possible. Because breast tissue is made up of pockets of dense tissue surrounded by fat traditional two-dimensional images could be hazy making it difficult to see early signs of cancer. 3D mammography converts breast images into layers orslices allowing radiologists to look at breast tissue in far greater detail detecting abnormalities not detected with two-dimensional images. 41INCREASE in invasive breast cancer detection.1 Dense breast tissue can hide cancer or other abnormalities. 3D IMAGING SINGLE 2D IMAGING 1 Friedewald SM Rafferty EA Rose SL Durand MA Plecha DM Greenberg JS Hayes MK Copit DS Carlson KL CinkTM Barke LD Greer LN Miller DP Conant EF Breast Cancer Screening UsingTomosynthesis in Combination with Digital Mammography JAMA June 25 2014. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 5 5 DETECTING BREAST CANCER EARLY Breast cancer screening such as mammography is an important tool to help detect and diagnose breast cancer before symptoms occur. Often finding breast cancer early leads to improved treatment outcomes and survival rates. We encourage all women to be screened and recognize that screening recommendations vary. Here is our recommendation To develop a screening plan that is most appropriate for you discuss breast cancer screening with your healthcare provider to decide together on when to begin screening and how often to be screened. It can make a difference When to be screened Lisa Ober with her husband Chad along with young sons Zander and Zakkary 6 Paysonhealth Lisa doesnt remember much about the day she and Chad learned she had breast cancer. I didnt hear a thing that day Lisa said.I just sat there and Chad listened. I was in shock. Soft-spoken Lisa Delahanty nurse navigator and manager at Concord Hospital Breast Care Center explained the diagnosis and offered initial information knowing that going into depth was not appropriate at that first session because after hearing the wordcancerpatients typically hear little else. But she gave Lisa and Chad information to refer to on their own and explained that everyone at Payson Center was there to help. DCIS Ductal carcinoma in situ DCIS is the presence of abnormal cells inside a milk duct in the breast. It is non-invasive meaning it hasnt spread out of the milk duct to invade other parts of the breast. At Payson Center for Cancer Care DCIS generally is treated with a lumpectomy removal of the abnormal cells and some surrounding tissue and radiation. DCIS if allowed to recur will come back as invasive cancer 50 percent of the time.Thats why radiation is recommended in most cases as it is effective in reducing the risk of a recurrence. At the same time researchers and Payson Center doctors work diligently to identify patients who might do well with regular observation not surgery or radiation.Treatment decisions are a partnership between the patient and their provider. Some of it is how much the patient worriessaid Dr.Thomas Sheldon medical director of Payson Centers Jim and Marianne Cook Radiation Oncology Department.Some patients can tolerate risk very well and others cant.That is an important factor in making treatment decisions about DCIS. To learn more visit the Susan. G. Komen website at From day one there wasnt any- thing that made me feel nervous Chad said.I wasnt worried. He and Lisa felt like Kellie Booth office coordinator at the Breast Care Center was on call for them. It was like she was your own personal assistanthe said. Whenever anything came up call Kellie. For some breast cancer patients chemotherapy before surgery may shrink a tumor so a patient can have a lumpectomy. Lisas images and biopsies showed multifocal breast cancer so shrinking multiple tumors before surgery with chemotherapy or having a lumpectomy were not options. Less than two months after the diagnosis Dr. Sharon Gunsher from Concord Hospital Medical Group Concord Surgical Associates performed a mastectomy of Lisas left breast. I saidJust get rid of itand we got rid of itLisa said. The tumors were not detectable in physical exams but they were large and connected across the breast. And the cancer had spread into and around lymph nodes. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 5 7 Jamie ORourke of Bow with his ten-year-old son So thats when they said we have to do hardcore chemotherapy then radiation therapyLisa said.I said. Ive got to live. Do what you have to do. On Christmas Eve 2014 Lisa began 12 weeks of chemotherapy one session every other week. When she began treatments Lisas hair was down to the middle of her back. She cut it short but when she began losing it during treatment she shaved her head and cried. Losing my hair was the hardest thingLisa said.But I knew it would grow back and I embraced it. Jamie ORourke of Bow with his ten-year-old son CHEMOTHERAPY At Payson Center for Cancer Care New Hampshire Oncology-Hematology NHOH provides oncologic care including chemotherapy and newer biologic agents to treat Payson patients.Their oncologists are at the forefront of treatment and research including administeringmolecularly targeteddrugs. These are medications designed to target specific molecular markers on cancer cells necessary for tumors to grow and progress.With targeted drugs a primary goal is to maximize the effect these drugs have on cancer cells with more precision while minimizing the toxicity to a patients systemsaid Dr. Charles Catcher Payson Centers medical director. These are not just potent drugs that damage the DNA but drugs that target markers on cancer cells to prevent the tumors from growing and spreading he said.They are drugs that also help stimulate the immune system to actively seek and help destroy cancer cells. Payson Center patients with whats called triple negative breast cancer are being treated experimentally with newer medications. A diagnosis of a triple negative breast cancer means that the cancer tumor does not express the three most common types of surface receptors or proteins known to fuel breast cancer growth estrogen progesterone and the HER-2neu oncogene. As a result the tumor does not respond to traditional hormone therapy. It responds to chemotherapy but often acts in an aggressive fashion despite chemotherapy. In addition to newer chemotherapy options some patients are being treated experimentally with newer medications both with chemotherapy and as part of hormone therapy. Triple negative breast cancer occurs in about 10-20 percent of diagnosed breast cancers and is more likely to affect younger people African Americans Hispanics andor those with a BRCA1 gene mutation.Through it all Dr. Catcher said a goal is to care for a person not merely treat an illness. Its the nature of what we dohe said.You never want patients to feel like a number. TUMOR BOARD Twice a month a collaborative team of cancer experts convene at Payson Center for Cancer Care to discuss patient diagnoses and treatment.TheTumor Board is one of the necessary components of a cancer center providing a way for Payson Center radiation oncologists medical oncologists surgeons radiologists and pathologists to present cancer cases and discuss the best way to treat each patient. So did her husband and sons.They shaved their heads to support her. It felt good because it was supporting my mothersaid Zakkary who went even further on his tenth birthday. Instead of asking for gifts he asked his friends to donate to the American Cancer Society. Lisas chemotherapy or medical oncology treatments were scheduled for 16 weeks but after the first eight she was given the option of taking a higher dose and cutting the remaining number of treatments in half. It was tough but she said the nurses and other providers at New Hampshire Oncology-Hematology at Payson Center helped her with encouragement and medication. With laughter Lisa recalled when Dr. Gina Divenuti told her they had medication to counter her nausea and muscle pain.I saidYou do Thank God She gave me some medicine and I felt fine but each treatment was hardshe said. BIOPSIES Biopsies in which doctors remove part of a suspected tumor for testing are guided by ultrasound or MRI making them easier faster less painful and much more precise. 8 Paysonhealth During treatment Lisa met new friends who also were coping with cancer and chemotherapy. She met fellow patient Deb Randall in a weekly Payson Center support group calledA Womans Journey for women recently diagnosed with breast or gynecological cancer. My friend Deb and I tried to cheer people up.We were the loud obnoxious group. I brought loud music in or crazy hats something just to make people happy Lisa said. Spirometric Motion Management Radiation oncology patients with cancer in their left breast must receive specialized treatment to avoid damaging their heart. At Payson Center for Cancer Care the treatment involves a sophisticated device called the Spirometric Motion Management System. During radiation treatment patients inhale and hold their breath filling their lungs to move the cancer target area away from the heart. During treatment patients wear a snorkel- like device and goggles. An image projected on the inside of the goggles displays markers to guide patients as they hold their breath. By using the system breast tissue and the tumor site do not move during imaging and treatment providing for clearer images and more effective radiation doses because there is less risk of affecting the heart. In addition patients feel more in control of their treatment they are participating actively by deciding when and for how long they hold their breath. LINAC A linear accelerator or LINAC is a radiation therapy device that produces high- dose X-rays.The LINAC beam that is directed to a patients tumor is far more precise and penetrating than what was available from previous radiation therapy devices and delivers far less radiation to healthy tissue.The newest generation LINAC on the horizon at Payson Center for Cancer Care will enable radiation oncologists to treat more types of cancer with improved targeting speed and accuracy.The enhancements can result in better cure rates fewer side effects and sometimes shorter length of treatment visits. Concord HospitalTrust began a special project campaign in 2015 to raise funds to purchase a new LINAC device to replace one that is near the end of its usefulness. For information on how you can help bring this revolutionary technology to Payson Center call 603 230-6064. After a short break following chemotherapy Lisa began a series of 34 radiation treatments. Radiation therapy was delivered using one of Payson Centers linear accelerators or LINAC devices which allow radiation oncologists to target specific areas very precisely. Because Lisas cancer was in her left breast her treatment also involved spirometric motion management. In this technique patients inhale deeply and hold their breath so radiation can be delivered as far from the heart as possible. I had to hold my breath for 30 seconds.Thats hard but I got it she said with her infectious laugh. They saidYou can let it go.But I saidIm not letting it go. Im not starting over. Radiation therapy was stressful even with support from the staff. And Dr. Su Metcalfe saw how stressed I was and prescribed a massage for me. How sweet is she Lisa Ober demonstrates how a patient holds breath during radiation treatment using Spirometric Motion Management. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 5 9 The radiation staff also brought her a soft cover for her car seat belt to ease irritation from the belt rubbing a radiation spot on her neck. Just as she experienced during chemotherapy the medical professionals providing her radiation treatment went above and beyond. They just careshe said. During radiation treatment Lisa also saw a physical therapist to help maintain motion in her arm. Reconstruction Surgery At Concord Hospital Breast Care Center surgeons with various specialities perform combined procedures in which many patients undergo cancer surgery and breast reconstruction at the same time. The Breast Care Center works closely with surgeons from CHMG Concord Surgical Associates and Concord Plastic Surgery as well as Dartmouth-Hitchcock Concord. Radiation therapy ended in June and after several months to heal Lisa underwent breast reconstruction surgery. Often Payson Center patients benefit from cancer surgery and reconstruction surgery during a single procedure but Lisas reconstruction had to be separate because her radiation followed surgery. Dr.Wayne Stadelmann of Concord Hospital Medical Group CHMG Concord Plastic Surgery inserted a device called an expander when the mastectomy was completed. The expander created a pocket of skin that was then used for breast reconstruction surgery in November 2015. Lisa Ober was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma in which her cancer had spread from her milk ducts to multiple parts of her breast and lymph nodes.Hers was a more complicated cancersaid Dr.Thomas Sheldon medical director at Payson Centers Jim and Marianne Cook Radiation Oncology Department which necessitated a mastectomy and lymph node removal followed by complicated reconstruction surgery calledTRAM reconstruction.The procedure requires a very high quality plastic surgery service which many community hospitals cannot provide. Thats where Concord Hospital was different for Lisasaid Dr. Sheldon.We could offer the full range of reconstructive services here in collaboration with Concord Hospital Medical Group Concord Plastic Surgery. We have a huge team at Payson Center that took care of everythinghe said something he does not take for granted. I cant see a patient like Lisa and not think about my own life and how grateful I would be in this case if it were my wife who was so lucky to have that kind of team taking care of herhe said. Dr. Sheldon said each patient approaches cancer and treatment options individually but there is a common theme among patients who are mothers. When it comes to choosing therapies moms know they have to be here and moms are very aggressive about cancer treatmenthe said.They are not willing to give up on anything that can provide even a slightly higher chance that they will be here for their children. 10 Paysonhealth After eight weeks of recovery and cancer free Lisa was elated to be able to pick up her boys again and hold them close. To fight any recurrence Lisa will take medication for ten years and have mammograms every six months. And because doctors removed lymph nodes during treatment she wears a fabric sleeve at times or gloves while gardening because her blood flow doesnt handle toxins from bug bites sunburn or cuts as efficiently. She uses another body wrap device called a compression garment that massages her arm and body with pulsating air. Though her active treatment has concluded Lisa still sees the chemotherapy professionals regularly. She is taking part in a five-year clinical trial to test whether the medication she is taking is more effective when combined with another drug. It could help my kidskidsshe said. And if someone else hadnt done a trial I might not be here today. Its not the only way she is trying to give back for the care and caring that saved her life. On my first day of chemotherapy they brought me a bag of things a cancer survivor had put together to help others cope with chemo toothpaste mouthwash some other thingsshe said.On my last day of chemo I brought a bag to give to the next person. Clinical Trials Through our partnership with New Hampshire Oncology-Hematology NHOH Payson Center patients help test potential treatment options by participating in clinical trials often only seen at major medical centers. Clinical trials are closely monitored research studies in which patients volunteer to help test new treatments medications or combinations of medications. They offer patients a valuable opportunity to help improve treatments for current cancer patients and future ones. Currently 38 trials are being offered to Payson Center patients. Ten involve breast cancer six are to test lung cancer treatments five involve blood-related cancers and four each involve prostate or colorectal cancer. See the complete list of clinical trials underway at Payson Center visit servicescancerclinical-trials A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 5 11 On that last day of chemo she also signaled the milestone with a tradition at Payson Center ringing a bell thats mounted in the waiting area. Oh Lord I rang that bellshe said. I had a big poster and hats.We shouted for joy and rang that bell and danced around. The Bells Payson Center for Cancer Care patients celebrate the end of radiation treatment or chemotherapy by ringing bells. It wasnt always that way. For years Alice Morin a registrar in the Radiation Oncology Department helped patients celebrate their final treatment by playing a kazoo.When she retired in January of 2015 the kazoo retired as well but the department bought a bell that hangs on the waiting room wall. A new tradition was born. And when the Department begins to care for patients with a new radiation therapy machine this summer the bell will finally have its own nameThe Brown Bell.Thanks to the generosity ofTom Margie Chris and Kerri Brown four of seventeen Leadership Donors to the Payson Centers special project the new linear accelerator will help people like Lisa reclaim a full life after cancer. Upstairs in New Hampshire Oncology-Hematology oncology nurse Jane Skoog and her husband Bob bought and installed a bell in the fall of 2015 for chemotherapy patients. Jane said one excited patient rang it so vigorously that the lanyard came off in his hand See pages 8 and 24 to learn more about the Linear Accelerator Special Project. 12 Paysonhealth BothmyboysZakkaryandZanderattendedArtwithHeart. Lisa Ober Art with Heart Art with Heart uses the creative process of making art to improve a persons physical mental and emotional well-being. The support group is for children age 6-12 with a parent or grandparent who has been diagnosed with cancer. For information call 603 230-6031. During months of treatment at Payson Center for Cancer Care Lisa Ober received medical care from expert medical providers using the latest cancer-fighting technology and medication. She and her family also found compassionate support from specially trained professionals who recognize that cancer affects more than the patient and that care doesnt end with the ringing of a bell that signals a final chemotherapy or radiation session. HOPE Resource Center Through the HOPE Resource Center Lisa got help with garments after surgery a lending library and instruction in meditation and mindfulness to help ease anxiety. Financial help through grants and gas and grocery cards also went a long way toward easing the stress of treatment. Anything you need they had it thereshe said. Lisa also received genetic counseling at Concord Hospital Breast Care Center to see if she had inherited a gene that might have increased cancer risk for her or for her twin sister and niece. After counseling she and her doctors decided to proceed with genetic testing for the gene. Her result was negative. Genetic Counseling Concord Hospital Breast Care Centers Genetic Counseling Program identifies if patients are at high-risk for developing cancer and provides the opportunity to work with healthcare providers and take steps including genetic testing to determine the risk factor and plan how to reduce the risk or increase the possibility of detecting any cancer early. In collaboration with Dana Farber Cancer Institute genetic counseling is offered at no charge thanks to generous donations to Concord HospitalTrusts Heart of the GrapeWineTasting Benefit. If a patient and healthcare provider decide to pursue genetic testing the cost is covered by most insurance plans. In cases where testing is not covered financial assistance may be available. In 2015 136 community members received genetic counseling through the program and 80 of them received genetic testing four at no charge. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 5 13 Anticancer Lifestyle Program Payson Center for Cancer Cares Anticancer Lifestyle Program is designed to give patients a sense of control over living with cancer or the fear of it returning. Instruction on how to live healthier lifestyles helps patients feel better and potentially reduce their risk of recurrence. Key components of the program are instruction in creating and accepting change how to make changes in diet exercise reactions to stress and exposure to common toxins in our homes and environment and explanations of why the changes are important. This year for the first time the environmental exposure element of the course is being offered online. Since 2011 157 people have completed the 12-week course. To learn more visit or call 603230-6031. Young sons Zakkary and Zander each received a backpack containing notepads coloring books and a Teddy bear as well as books about cancer including one entitled My Mommy Has Cancer.The boys also took part in a program called Art with Heart with other kids whose parent or grandparent have cancer. It was a way to have fun with art and perhaps express feelings in a safe environment. Zakkary who was nine when Lisa was diagnosed in late 2014 said the material taught himnobody is alone in fighting cancer.He also learned that he and his brother could not get cancer by hugging their mom something he had to explain to friends at school. He also had to explain his new diet among the changes his family adopted from Paysons Anticancer Lifestyle Program. He began including things like snap peas in his school lunch. The Anticancer program is fabulousLisa said.It shows every part of your life and what you could do better to help you stay cancer free. The program taught Lisa to use less harmful cosmetics and cooking practices like not using plastic in the microwave. The family also started a fruit and vegetable garden and is trying new foods like substituting quinoa for rice at dinner. See page 14 for recipe. Nobody is a big fan yetLisa said with a smile. Reikiprovidesrelaxationandcomfort topatientsgoingthroughtreatment. Sherry Gamble Reiki Master 14 Paysonhealth Quinoa pronouncedkeen-wah is a seed that is harvested from a species of plant called goosefoot.This trendy superfood has a mild flavor with a light crunch and is valued for its high protein and fiber content. Megan Ryder RD CSO LD Oncology Dietitian Quinoa pronouncedkeen-wah is a seed that is harvested from a species of plant called goosefoot.This trendy superfood has a mild flavor with a light crunch and is valued for its high protein and fiber content. Megan Ryder RD CSO LD Oncology Dietitian QuinoaTabbouleh with Feta Recipe courtesy of Ina Garten INGREDIENTS 1 cup quinoa Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper 14 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice 2 lemons 14 cup good olive oil 1 cup thinly sliced scallions white and green parts 5 scallions 1 cup chopped fresh mint leaves 2 bunches 1 cup chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley 1 hothouse cucumber unpeeled seeded and medium-diced 2 cups cherry tomatoes halved through the stem 2 cups medium-diced feta 8 ounces DIRECTIONS Pour 2 cups of water into a medium saucepan and bring to a boil. Add the quinoa and 1 teaspoon of salt lower the heat and simmer covered for 15 minutes until the grains are tender and open theyll have little curly tails. Drain place in a bowl and immediately add the lemon juice olive oil and 1 to 1 12 teaspoons of salt. In a large bowl combine the scallions mint parsley cucumber tomatoes 1 to 2 teaspoons of salt and 1 teaspoon of pepper. Add the quinoa and mix well. Carefully fold in the feta and taste for seasonings. Serve at room temperature or refrigerate and serve cold. Ina uses Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt which is coarser than other brands if you are using a finer-grain kosher salt such as Morton use the smaller amount. Recipe from Make It Ahead A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook. Copyright c by Ina Garten. By arrangement with Clarkson PotterPublishers a division of Random House LLC. Advertisement 2016 Television Food Network G.P. All Rights Reserved. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 5 15 For anyone from the newly diagnosed to the long-term survivor or patient with a recurrence is a wealth of information. Founded by Dr. Marisa Weiss an oncologist and breast cancer specialist in Philadelphia the non-profit organization has a mission of providing the best breast cancer information available to help patients and their loved ones understand and navigate the disease. They fulfill this mission through very informative pages on diagnoses treatments survivorship risk management and through a large online-based community. Young Survival Coalition Breast cancer does not discriminate by age but sometimes the information provided does. Many of the major studies done on breast cancer treatments and developments and their side effects have focused on older women. Plus women who are diagnosed while under age 40 often face more aggressive cancers than older women.TheYoung Survival Coalition focuses its efforts on these younger women looking at survivorship issues such as fertility and employment that might not be quite as pertinent for retirees and looking at the particular types of breast cancer that tend to affect younger women.Their site offers information community and opportunities to participate in fundraising and advocacy. NH Breast Cancer Coalition A local grassroots advocacy and support organization the NH Breast Cancer Coalition site allows patients and loved ones to help advocate for resources for breast cancer patients including breast cancer screening increased research and more. American Cancer Society ACS cancer.orgcancerbreastcancerindex The trusted ACS provides thorough information on all aspects of breast cancer including screening treatment and prevention.There also are links to the extensive ACS online support community the popular Making Strides fundraising event and summaries of scientific research on breast cancer. Notably this site has a fairly robust section on male breast cancer which often is overlooked.With the ability to sign up for a breast cancer newsletter or live chat with an ACS representative there are plenty of interactive options as well. Resources 16 Paysonhealth Doctors use X-rays CT scans ultrasound or MRI to help diagnose many illnesses or injuries and plan treatment. Besides using these tools for diagnostic purposes the same imaging techniques can help guide minimally invasive treatment that often involves fewer complications and much shorter recovery time. The technique is called interventional radiology. Doctors are aided by image guidance such as X-rays and ultrasound as they perform surgery. At Concord Hospital interventional radiology has become an important tool for a wide variety of treatments from trauma victims to even cancer patients. The main objective of interventional radiology is to provide treatment with shorter hospital stays better outcomes less complication risk and increased quality of life for patientssaid Dr. Ari Salis of Concord Imaging Center. For a traffic accident patient with a damaged spleen doctors can use interventional radiology to help guide a small catheter from a tiny nick at the groin to stop internal bleeding from the spleen by decreasing the blood pressure in the spleen to allow for healing. In the past doctors likely would have removed the spleen increasing the patients hospital stay and potential risk of complications. photo inset CT image during cryoablation of a renal cancer.The small probe extends into the kidney.The grey area around the end of the probe is the iceball formed during the treatment which destroys the tumor. For kidney cancer patients previous treatment might have involved removing part or all of the kidney. Now using a CT scan for guidance a tumor might be destroyed in a process called cryoablation. An interventional radiologist viewing images of the kidney on a screen can direct a probe into a tumor and in about 30 minutes freeze and destroy the tumor while preserving the healthy kidney and kidney function. Interventional Radiology We can identify exactly the target we need to go tosaid Dr. Salis.We are doing that for kidneys for lungs for liver cancer and for bone cancers as well. For liver cancer patients instead of administering chemotherapy through the bloodstream doctors can avoid debilitating side effects by directing chemotherapy through the specific artery supplying the tumor and administer medication directly into the tumor. It increases survival patients arent getting sick from treatments as much there are fewer complications and the downtime is significantly lessDr. Salis said. In another dramatic example treatment for varicose veins traditionally involved surgery under general anesthesia with a six-week downtime long recovery and an increased risk of similar problems in the future. Now Dr. Salis said with treatment guided by ultrasound patients drive themselves home after a 40-minute procedure in his office without sedation.The symptoms go away and stay away and the surgical wound is closed with a BAND-AID. Ultrasound can guide the surgeon in minimally invasive treatments. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 5 17 Making Changes Moving Forward Concord Hospital Payson Center for Cancer Cares Anticancer Lifestyle Program ACLP is a lifestyle transformation series for people diagnosed with cancer. Evidence exists that a healthy diet adequate physical activity lowered exposure to toxins social support and stress management all help to maximize the bodys natural defenses against cancer. After twelve weekly sessions participants gain essential tools and information to sustain desirable lifestyle changes. Learn more at or contact Concord Hospital Payson Center for Cancer Care HOPE Resource Center or 603230-6031. This program is inspired by the research and principles outlined in Anticancer A New Way of Life by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber. WHAT PARTICIPANTS HADTOSAY... TheAnticancerLifestyle Programhasservedasa guideandacompilation ofresourcestoputme onaclearpath.Thisprogramhasenabled metotakethereinsagain insomanywaysfeeling asthoughIcanmove forwardmakingapositive differenceinhowmylife mayturnout. Havingaroomfullofpeersmade allthedifferenceintryingtoadopt theAnticancerprinciples. When youcombineitalltogetherthe informationtheencouragement thefriendshipitjustmakesa cocktailthatyoucankindofsink yourteethinto. Everythingelsehas beendoneTOus. Thisissomething wegettodofor ourselves. 18 Paysonhealth AWomans Journey A four-week educationsupport group for women recently one year or less diagnosed with breast or gynecological cancer. Call 603230-7266 to register. MEETS Fridays June 324 and throughout the year 130-330 pm BY Lisa Delahanty APRN MSN Adrianna Crooker Catlin LICSW Look Good Feel Better An American Cancer Society program for women in treatment to combat appearance-related side effects.This is a one-day two-hour class. MEETS Wednesdays once a month 1-3 pm BY Cyndi Jarvis Esthetician American Cancer Society Trained Volunteer Staying Connected Continuing support and education for women facing breast or gynecological cancer who have been diagnosed within the last five years. MEETS Second Tuesday of June September and December 5-7 pm BY Lisa Delahanty APRN MSN Adrianna Crooker Catlin LICSW Living Life with Cancer Monthly ongoing support and education. Open to all cancer survivors and their loved ones. MEETS First Wednesday of each month 5-7 pm BY Judith Kowalik LICSW Kim Johnson RN BSN OCN AllThings Considered NEW Support and education for women who have been diagnosed with metastatic advanced breast or gynecological cancer. MEETS Second Tuesday of May September and November 5-7 pm BY Lisa Delahanty APRN MSN Adrianna Crooker Catlin LICSW I GotYou Babe Join us for this four-part seminar for couples focusing on communication problem solving relationship building intimacy and stress reduction through the cancer journey. MEETS Thursdays May 12June 2 5-7 pm BY Adrianna Crooker Catlin LICSW Lara Pirro MA CancerWellnessC L A S S E S A N D S U P P O R T G R O U P S R E G I S T R AT I O N R E Q U I R E D Call 603230-6031 StrongWhen I Move Gentle water exercise for increasing strength and decreasing fatigue for cancer survivors. 20month. Scholarships available. MEETS Wednesdays 230-330 pm OR Thursdays 5-6 pm BY Janet Lehoullier PTA Held at the pool at Concord Hospital Center for Sports Medicine Orthopaedic Rehabilitation in the Concord Orthopaedics building Certified Mastectomy Fitter Postoperative camisoles mastectomy bras prosthetics and some everyday items available. Fittings by appointment with Nancy Lockhart CFm. Call 603227-7000 ext. 6972. Located in Payson Center for Cancer Care HOPE Resource Center Floor 1 Wellbethereeverystepalongyourjourney. A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 5 19 p r e s e n t e d b y 9.20.16S A V E T H E D A T E C O M M U N I T Y P R E S E N T A T I O N 5 Food as Medicine Preventing and Treating Disease with Diet 7-830 pm Concord City Auditorium Green and Prince Streets Concord NH Dr. Greger has scoured the worlds scholarly literature on clinical nutrition and developed this new presentation based on the latest in cutting-edge research exploring the role diet may play in preventing arresting and even reversing some of our most feared causes of death and disability. Michael Greger MDFACLMis a physician NewYorkTimes bestselling author and internationally recognized speaker on nutrition food safety and public health issues. A founding member and Fellow of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine Dr. Greger is licensed as a general practitioner specializing in clinical nutrition. Michael Greger MD FACLM by 20 Paysonhealth Concord HospitalTrust gratefully acknowledges those individuals and corporations who have made special gifts in support of our mission. Concord Hospital Associates Concord Imaging Center Concord Orthopaedics PA Merrimack County Savings Bank Bank of New Hampshire Charter Trust Company Concord Emergency Medical Associates PA Davis Towle Insurance Group Harvey Construction Corporation Lifeline Ambulance Service Martignetti Companies of NH New Hampshire Distributors Inc. Northeast Delta Dental Foundation The Prescription Center Rymes Propane Oil Inc. Sanel Auto Parts Company Swenson Granite Works VOYA Financial World Bicycle Relief Our Presidents Society and Corporate Council designations recognize those special supporters who contribute 1000 or more in cumulative annual gifts throughout the fiscal year. Gifts made exclusively to Payson Center for Cancer Care in 2015 are as follows Gold 10000 Ms. Mary E. Boucher Drs. Philip and Suzanne Boulter Mr. and Mrs. C.Thomas Brown and Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Brown William L. Chapman Esq. James D. and Marianne Cook Dan Davidson and Sons Adam Nathan andTimothy Ms. Hali B. Dearborn and Mr. James R. Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. Richard Foss Graf Family Foundation Inc. Dr. Norman and Melinda Payson Mr. and Mrs. RichardW. Pitman Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Ruedig Muriel and Robert Schadee Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey K.Towle Silver 5000 - 9999 Ms. Jane L. Kitchel McLaughlin and Mr. Peter J. McLaughlin Drs. Peter and Susan Saviteer Dr. GerardV. Smith and Dr. Catherine Holub-Smith Scott and ClaudiaWalker Bronze 2500 - 4999 Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Mollano Mr. and Mrs.William B. Morrison Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Oliver 1000 - 2499 Mr. and Mrs. Sol Asmar Robert J. Burton and Jane D. Burton Ms. Lynda Caine Mr. Steven Chartier Mr. Richard H. Coggon II Dr. and Mrs. David C. Conway Mr. Dister L. Deoss Ms. Erin Dorrian Ms. Kaitlin Emery In Memory of Mr. Robert Lucier Dr. and Mrs.Warren E. Emley Mr. Carl G. Erickson Dr. Douglas K. and Dr. Rebecca A. Ewing Dr. Scott J. Fabozzi and Ms. AutumnVan Sice Dianne and Frank Foti IvorW. and Barbara Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Dan Gauthier Mr. and Mrs.Thomas S. Gullage Jr. Mr. Morris J. Harrison In Memory of Mrs. Norma Harrison Mr. Leslie M. Haynes Gary and Meg Hirshberg Mrs. Paula Hurd Mr. Christopher P. Johnson and Dr. Kristen Johnson Mr. and Mrs. HarryV. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Kipperman Ms.Virginia M. Knowlton Dr. MichaelT. Lynch and Ms. Lindley Shutz The Honorable George Manias and Mrs. Diane H. Manias Jayne and Shawn Millerick Mr. and Mrs. Norman Miner Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Morrell In Memory of Gayle Braley Mr. Leslie M. Haynes Mrs. Sara Ortwein Ms. Joann G. Parker Mr. Frederic R. Pilch Mrs. Elledra E. Presby Dr. Lon Setnik and Dr. Cynthia King Mr. Ronald I. Sibley Dr. and Mrs. Russell A. Strong III Mr. and Mrs. James A.Thorne Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J.Tsouros Gold 10000 Abbie MoseleyTrust Citizens Private Bank TrustTrustee Alice J. Reen CharitableTrust Anticancer Lifestyle Foundation Cogswell BenevolentTrust Ann deNicolaTrust Citizens Bank N.A.Trustee Oliver S. and Jennie R. Donaldson CharitableTrust Franklin Savings Bank NathanWechsler Company MeredithVillage Savings Bank MillRiverWealth Management NH Mutual Bancorp Telemachus and Irene Demoulas Family Foundation Silver 5000 - 9999 The Beveridge Family Foundation Inc. Alans of Boscawen Inc. Bridge Byron Inc. DeMoulas Foundation Trust UW of Josiah Fernald Citizens Private Bank andTrustTrustee Granite State Natural Foods Inc. Kinder Morgan The Lawson Group Nassau Broadcasting Partners LP O Steaks Seafood Radiation Oncology Associates Rustic Crust TransCanada PipeLine U.S.A. Ltd. Christopher Brown CEO New Hampshire Distributors Inc. Benefactors Circle member Christopher Brown CEO New Hampshire Distributors Inc. Benefactors Circle member A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 5 21 Bronze 2500 - 4999 Associated Grocers Common Man Concord Concord FamilyYMCA Gertrude CouchTrust UWTD BankWealth Management Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation HEALTHSOUTH Rehabilitation Hospital Henniker Septic Service Inc. NH Oncology-Hematology PA Praxair SurfaceTechnologies Inc. The Provident Community Foundation Inc. R T Electric Inc. S W Sports Say It In Stitches Shaheen Gordon P. A. Skip McKean PetroleumTransport Sulloway Hollis PLLC Tasker Landscaping TheTimothy and Abigail B.Walker Lecture Fund UBS Financial Services Inc. Vermont-New Hampshire Susan G. Komen 1000 - 2499 Advantage Signs Angelinas Ristorante Italiano Anthem Blue CrossBlue Shield Cathy L.Thorsell Photography ClevelandWaters and Bass PA Combined Jewish Philanthropies Contigianis Catering Service Courtyard by Marriott Dartmouth-Hitchcock Concord The Duprey Service Company LLC GoffstownTruck Center Inc. a subsidiary of STA Inc. Goodales Bike Shop Granite State Candy Shoppe LLC Granite State Entertainment Lavallee Brensinger Professional Association Makris Lobster Steak House Margaritas Mexican Restaurant New Hampshire Charitable Foundation Orr Reno Professional Association Pats Peak Ski Area Performance Health Spine SportTherapy Premiere Properties Inc. Printers Square Inc. Red Leaf Fine Carpentry LLC Red RiverTheatre Runners Alley SDG-Sheehan Graphic Design Steeplegate Mall Strings Things The UPS Store TheWorks Bakery Caf Thomas Heck D.V.M. P.L.L.C. Unos Chicago Grill WatervilleValley ResortConference Center Mr. Michael L. Phelps Mr. and Mrs. Gene Dupont Mr. Paul Pishko Anonymous Mrs. Stephanie Riley Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Hall Mr. Terry Robinson Ms. Anna L. Beard Ms. Susan Bleckmann Ms. Rowena Boyd Ms. Tobi Chassie Ms. A. Ernestine Fife Ms. Nancy Fogg Mr. John J. Freeman Ms. Louise Kenney Ms. Saundra Wood Ms. Sue Sherburne Anonymous The Honorable Michael F. Sullivan Mr. John J. Kelleher Jr. Ms. Pamela Puleo and Mr. Raymond A. Goulet Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. Warren E. Wells Mrs. Pauline Sweeney Ms. Cassandra L. Hayes Mrs. Lori L. Leach Ms. Sandra Sargent Mrs. Tracey Tierney Mr. Dan King Mr. Warren H. Watts Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Watts Mr. Roy Willey Sr. Mrs. Jennifer Conn TO HONOR Steve and Laurel Devino Ken Gray In gratitude for assisting with daughters wedding Jane and Bob Skoog Ms. Nancy E. Kane On the occasion of her retirement Payson Center for Cancer Care Staff Mr. Thomas J. Bell and Ms. Terry Sturke Mr. James A. Thorne Mrs. Jacqueline McGettigan Cancer Survivor Mrs. Melody A. Crockett Ms. Hadley Duncan Ms. Parrish Duncan Miss Fiona Farquhar Ms. Olivia P. Henry Ms. Jacqueline Massella Attorney Bobo Mullens Miss Sarah Kate Neall Miss Lyndsey Sciba Mr. and Mrs. Armand R. Soucy Ms. Aidan Wildes Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Skoog At Christmas Ms. Annie J. Berger Tribute gifts to Concord Hospital Trust are both lasting and meaningful. The Tribute Program is available for those who wish to remember or honor loved ones in this way. Tribute gifts made exclusively to Payson Center for Cancer Care during 2015 are as follows TO REMEMBER Mrs. Gertrude Bacon Mrs. Prescilla Lamontagne Mrs. Denise S. Benson Mrs. Carol Burgess Mrs. Veryl Brissette Mr. Louis Brissette Merrimack County Savings Bank Mr. Hubert R. Cathcart Mr. Paul B. Cathcart Mr. Colin J. Chapman Mrs. Beverly Chapman Ms. Florence B. Edmunds Ms. Evelyn Hurd Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Lavigne Ms. Irene Dube Mr. and Mrs. Horst Maahs Fran Miss Fiona Farquhar Mrs. Dorothy A. Gilpatric Mrs. Debra Bjork Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Demers Ms. Beatrice H. Lachance-Emond Mr. Phillip Rainville Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Worcester Mrs. Margaret L. Lower Mrs. Margaret M. Cain General Electric Plant Ms. Karen A. McFarland Bead It Mr. Victor Betts Mr. and Mrs. David Bonner NALC Branch 72 Mrs. Janet Murdough Mrs. Lucia R. Evans Ms. Barbara C. French Mrs. Ruth E. Gerini Mrs. Dorothy Greenly Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Harbour Mrs. Alice H. Norton Mr. and Mrs. Rodney B. Patenaude Ms. Rose M. Patten Ms. Terri L. Hartley Mrs. Tammy Holso Mrs. Debra Moore New Hampshire State Police Benevolent Association Mr. Richard B. Nilsen 22 Paysonhealth TO THANK HALO Laurice Cheney Radiology Technician Concord Imaging Center Ms. Kellie J. Booth Concord Imaging Center Lisa R. Delahanty APRN Sharon I. Gunsher MD Lisa R. Delahanty APRN Director Concord Hospital Breast Care Center Ms. Moira M. Delahanty Scott J. Fabozzi MD Concord Hospital Center for Urologic Care Mr. and Mrs. Rheaume Lamoureaux Payson Center for Cancer Care Staff Robert J. Burton and Jane D. Burton Ms. Kathleen Lanigan Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. McGettigan Bryan Rowe MD Radiation Oncology Associates Robert J. Burton and Jane D. Burton Mrs. Megan S. Ryder RD CSO LD Oncology Dietitian Payson Center for Cancer Care Ms. Lisa Wolford Payson Center Donors January 1 to December 31 2015 Anonymous Mr. John A. Ames Mrs. Tracy Anoli Dr. Nicole M. Antinerella and Mr. Thomas Antinerella Mr. Michael Austin In Memory of Donna L. Austin-Wyatt Ms. Leslie Bingham Bennett Mrs. Rene T. Bolduc In Memory of Linda Boisvert Ms. Sonya B. Bomster Ms. Sarah D. Bouchard In Memory of Linda Boisvert Ms. Agnes Bowne In Memory of Lawrence Bowne Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Briggs In Memory of Ronald F. Meuse Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Brown Ms. Debbie Brownell In Honor of Frances Brownell Dr. and Mrs. Todd Burdette Mr. John J. Campbell In Honor of Janet M. Stone Mr. and Mrs. Barrett Chapin Ms. Patsy Ann Chenette Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Cheng In Memory of Warren H. Watts Cintas Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Norman G. Coates Mrs. Debra A. Coffin Ms. Lori L. Cook Ms. Tiffani Coriaty Ms. Rosemary D. Couch Ms. Adrianna N. Crooker Catlin Ms. Rose J. Cross Ms. Cynthia Cross Suplee Mrs. Lillian Daley Ms. Janet Davis In Memory of Kenneth L. Dummer Ms. Lisa R. Delahanty Ms. Moira M. Delahanty In Honor of Lisa Delahanty Ms. Pam DePalma Ms. Kathleen J. Desmarais Ms. Loren Domilici Mr. and Mrs. John L. Drew Mr. Robert E. Duquette Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Fenton Jr. Fraternal Order of Eagles NH State Past Presidents Club Friends of Mel Foundation Inc. Mr. Gerald J. Gilman Girls On The Run Penacook Elementary School Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Gould Ms. Roberta Grady Granite State Natural Foods Inc. Mrs. Kimberly B. Harris Ms. Terri L. Hartley Mr. and Mrs. John Hastings Ms. Jennifer L. Hebert Henry S. Maxfield Real Estate Inc. Ms. Sandra J. Hillsgrove Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. Hoadley Ms. Sally Holmes Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Hulkow Ms. Evelyn E. Hurd Mrs. Jennifer Jubert Mr. Barry L. Cox and Ms. Nancy E. Kane Ms. Jeanne M. Kerr Mr. and Mrs. Vernon A. Knowlton Mrs. Prescilla Lamontagne Ms. Ruth Lassonde Mr. Brett Lund and Dr. Raelyn Viti Ms. Sigrid Maldonado Mr. Derek Martel and Dr. Amy L. Martel Ms. Shayla Masciarelli Ms. Lynn M. Matava Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. McCall Mrs. Debra Moore Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Morris Sr. Mr. Sudhir Naik Mrs. June A. Novo Mrs. Arlene OConnor Ms. Fredda C. Osman Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Parenteau Mr. and Mrs. David Pelletier Dr. and Mrs. Nick P. Perencevich Ms. Penelope M. Perri and Mr. Ted Lothstein Mr. and Mrs. James T. Plumb Mrs. Jennifer L. Poland Ms. Pamela Puleo and Mr. Raymond A. Goulet Mr. and Mrs. Ray Raimo Ms. Lisa Reilly In Memory of John Reilly Mrs. Gemma M. Rendell Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Riel Ms. Carole Riley Ms. Gloria Robichaud Mrs. Carole E. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Edwards B. Ross Mr. and Mrs. William Russell Ms. Bangon Sappharee David and Monique Scharlotte Mrs. Elizabeth Seales Mr. and Mrs. Randall F. Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Skoog In Memory of John R. Turbyne Ms. Kelly J. Smart Ms. Anna M. Smith Ms. Doreen V. St. Laurent In Honor of Ms. Nancy Kane Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Strauch In Honor of Payson Center Radiation Oncology Team Mrs. Elizabeth P. Straw Dr. and Mrs. Russell A. Strong III The Centennial Hotel and Granite Restaurant Bar Mr. David Thompson Ms. Charlotte Tibbetts Mr. and Mrs. David E. Tirrell-Wysocki Mrs. Brenda J. Travis Mr. Ralph Tunnell Ms. N. Elizabeth Uitts Mr. James C. Van Dongen Ms. Martha E. Verville Walgreens Mrs. Janie H. Webster Ms. Joan Wiggin Mr. Bill Wilkinson Mrs. Frances M. Wright We work hard to make sure your support is properly recognized. If you feel your name was omitted in error please contact Concord Hospital Trust at 603 227-7162. TRIBUTE PROGRAM CONTINUED A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 5 23 Payson Center 2015 517008 provided in charitable care for cancer- related services to 317 Payson Center patients. 527 consultations and 11336 treatments were performed in the Radiation Oncology Department. 84 counseling sessions provided by Concord Hospital Spiritual Care staff. 3462 patient contacts occurred in HOPE Resource Center. New Hampshire OncologyHematology provided 8696 patient visits and established care for 780 new patients. 28 new patients were put on treatmentprevention cancer clinical trials. HeartGifts Boutique in conjunction with American Cancer Society Wig Bank provided 57 patients with a free wig. Gene Gillis Fund assisted 195 patients. 141 Reiki sessions were provided to 109 patients by Concord Hospital Reiki volunteers. Five full and one partial scholarships awarded to Anticancer Lifestyle Program participants. 2257000 contributed to support the work of Payson Center and the Breast Care Center including 1247000 for a new linear accelerator. Breast Care Center 2015 3060 patient visits 136 genetic counseling patients Represents FY2015 October 1 2014September 30 2015 Save the Date Winnipesaukee Wine Festival 2016 Thursday June 23 530-8 p.m. Church Landing Meredith NH Hosted by The Common Man Family and Martignetti Companies of NH Solely benefiting Concord Hospital Payson Center for Cancer Care and new radiation therapy technology in the Jim and Marianne Cook Radiation Oncology Department. Call 603227-7000 ext. 7069 to make early reservations for tickets now 24 Paysonhealth Will you join us Concord HospitalTrust launched a special project campaign in 2015 to bring state-of-the art cancer treatmentequipment to Payson Centers Jim and Marianne Cook Radiation Oncology Department in 2016. The new machine called a linear acceleratoris estimated to cost 4 million. The Hospital is investing 2 million and to date 1.45 million has been given bypatients friendsvolunteers organizations businesses foundations and board members of theTrust and Hospital. Will you join us and help thousands of people from across New Hampshire access quality cancer care close to home Call 603 227-7000 ext. 3086 to receive the projects case for supportand find out how your gift today could save a life tomorrow. Leadership Donors 25000 and Above Abbie Moseley Trust Citizens Private Bank Trust Trustee Ann deNicola Trust Citizens Bank N.A. Trustee Ms. Mary E. Boucher Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas Brown and Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Brown William L. Chapman Esq. James D. and Marianne Cook Dan Davidson and Sons Adam Nathan and Timothy Oliver S. and Jennie R. Donaldson Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Richard Foss Meredith Village Savings Bank Merrimack County Savings Bank MillRiver Wealth Management NH Mutual Bancorp Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Pitman Telemachus and Irene Demoulas Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey K. Towle Major Donors 10000 and Above Alice J. Reen Charitable Trust Drs. Philip and Suzanne Boulter Cogswell Benevolent Trust Ms. Hali B. Dearborn and Mr. James R. Caldwell Franklin Savings Bank Graf Family Foundation Inc. Payson Center for Cancer Care Linear Accelerator Special Project Donors As of February 29 2016 Lake Sunapee Bank Nathan Wechsler Company Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Ruedig Sanel Auto Parts Company Dr. Leo Sanfacon Muriel and Robert Schadee Special Friends 9999 and Below Ace Welding Company Inc. Ms. Valerie J. Acres Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Akey Mr. Edwin Allard III Mrs. Diane Wood Allen Mr. and Mrs. John B. Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Robert Arredondo Mr. and Mrs. Sol Asmar Ms. Nancy L. Berry The Beveridge Family Foundation Inc. Mr. Henry C. Bird Boisvert Bros. LLC Dr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Briccetti Bri-Weld Industries LLC Ms. Susan Buchanan and Mr. Stephen M. White Dr. and Mrs. Todd Burdette Robert J. Burton and Jane D. Burton Ms. Darlene Chamberlain Mr. Frederick L. Chipman Mr. Richard H. Coggon II Attorney and Mrs. David F. Conley Mr. and Mrs. Patrick S. Connor Mrs. Jennifer Conn Ms. Jeaneen M. Coolbroth Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Crean Crown Point Cabinetry Davis Towle Insurance Group Mrs. Rose Marie DeFusco Mr. Dister L. Deoss Diamond Casting Machine Company Inc. Mr. and Mrs. David P. Doyle Duncraft Mostafa El-Sherif DMD MSCD PhD PC Dr. and Mrs. Warren E. Emley Mr. Philip B. Emma and Ms. Luanne Morgan-Emma Mr. Carl G. Erickson Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Estes Dr. Douglas K. and Dr. Rebecca A. Ewing Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Fanaras Mrs. Patricia Fesette Ms. Ellen J. Fitts Foard Panel Incorporated Mr. Loren E. Foxx Mr. Richard M. Frye Elizabeth Gaufberg MD Gertrude Couch Trust UW TD Bank Wealth Management Ms. Ann P. Getts Ms. Donna Gilbreath Go Green Wood Products LLC A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 5 25 Just ask Lisa Ober how it makes a difference. Ms. Jane C. Hall Dr. Christian Hallowell and Ms. Cindall J. Morrison Charles F. and Wendy E. Harris Mr. Morris J. Harrison Harrisville Designs Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Warren D. Hastings Mr. Leslie M. Haynes Mrs. Grace A. Holden Horizon Beverage Company Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Jensen Mr. and Mrs. Roger Jobin Mr. and Mrs. Harry V. Johnson Mr. Barry L. Cox and Ms. Nancy Kane Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Kantar Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Kelliher Ms. Virginia M. Knowlton KW Thompson Tool Co. Inc. The Lawson Group Mr. Robert A. LeCount Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Leibowitz Mr. and Mrs. Roger Leighton Mr. James Lurie Dr. Michael T. Lynch and Ms. Lindley Shutz M.S. Walker NH Mackenzie Stone Inc. Mr. Wayne A. Mann Ms. Mae Marchand Mr. Kenneth R. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. McGettigan Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Merrill Middleton Building Supply Inc. Jayne and Shawn Millerick Mr. and Mrs. Norman Miner Ms. Beverly Minnigh Mr. Herbert W. Mitchell Ms. Cheryl M. Molleur Dr. Douglas J. and Mrs. Marcia H. Moran Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Morris Mr. and Mrs. William B. Morrison Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Oliver Dr. Kathryn J. Osterholtz Rev. Everett E. Palmer Mr. and Mrs. David Pelletier Mr. Frederic R. Pilch Ms. Patricia L. Plourde Poulsen Lumber Company Inc. Precision Letter Corporation Pro-Coat II INC. The Provident Community Foundation Inc. Ms. Pamela Puleo and Mr. Raymond A. Goulet Radiation Oncology Therapy Staff Mr. Neil Ramsay Mr. David T. Reid Ripano Stoneworks LTD. Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Robichaud Mr. and Mrs. David B. Ruedig S.A.P.H. Trucking Drs. Peter and Susan Saviteer Mr. and Mrs. John O. Scudder Dr. Thomas A. Sheldon and Dr. Lisa Kennedy Sheldon Ms. Diana Shore Mr. Ronald I. Sibley Ms. Patrice Martin and Mr. Jonathan B. Siegel Dr. Gerard V. Smith and Dr. Catherine Holub-Smith Southern NH Tree and Landscape LLC Southworth Timberframes Inc. Special Hermetic Products Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Steigmeyer Dr. and Mrs. David A. Stevenson Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Strome Dr. and Mrs. Russell A. Strong III Sulloway Hollis PLLC Sustained Woodland Resource Inc. Swansons Die Co. Inc. Mr. Peter Tambornini Mr. George Teloian The Bronze Craft Corporation Mr. and Mrs. James A. Thorne Tri-State Iron Works Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Tsouros Uni-Cast Mr. James C. Van Dongen Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Verbanic Ms. Martha E. Verville Scott and Claudia Walker WEDU Inc. Mrs. Deborah Wyman Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Yap Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Zinn Sr. 26 Paysonhealth Merrimack County Savings Bank RockN Race CONTRIBUTION 447000 BENEFICIARY Payson Center for Cancer Care programs and services through HOPE Resource Center and financial assistance for cancer patients in need. Save the Date SupportingConcordHospitalTrustEvents MakesaDifference See how our 2015 events provided needed programs and services to our Payson Center for Cancer Care patients Pedaling for Payson CONTRIBUTION 194500 BENEFICIARY Payson Center for Cancer Care Gene Gillis Fund supporting out- of-pocket expenses for cancer patients and their families. Additionally funds will also support our most vulnerable patients by providing them with a nurse navigator a staff member who helps patients find the medical community and financial support they need. Heart of the Grape WineTasting CONTRIBUTION 83500 BENEFICIARY Concord Hospital Breast Care Center Genetic Counseling Program TOTAL RAISED BY EVENTS IN SUPPORT OF THE PAYSON CENTER 744000 Merrimack County Savings Bank RockN Race Thursday May 19 2016 Pedaling for Payson Saturday September 17 2016 A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 5 27 Become a Payson Center FRIEND Payson Center for Cancer Care relies on FRIENDScommunity members who contribute funds and time to ensure people with cancer and their families are provided access to medical care treatments and support services they need. Special funds at Payson Center include Gene Gillis Fund Lend Me a Hand Fund Support out-of-pocket expenses for those in need. Examples include gas cards for travel to and from treatments grocery gift cards and gift cards to help purchase needed medications. Complementary Therapy Fund Provides support for patients in need. Additional funds support Care for those in need Payson Center for Cancer Care programming Joan K. Farrel Cancer Resource Library Support services Advanced technology and equipment HeartGifts Boutique Endowment. For more information or to become a Payson Center FRIEND call 603227-7162. In FY2015 the Gene Gillis Fund provided 29700 to support 195 Payson Center patients. External Events CONTRIBUTION 19000 Anticancer Restaurant Program Merrimack Valley High School Pay It Forward Challenge State of New Hampshire Wine Tasting Todd Keyser Golf Tournament Annual Prisby Open Joan K. Farrel Cancer Resource Library Joan K. Farrel Cancer Resource Library at Payson Center is a lending library containing books educational brochures computer terminals with Internet access and a video and CD collection.The library offers a private relaxed atmosphere to research investigate treatment options and complementary therapies and learn about local resources and support groups. HeartGifts Boutique Located on Floor 1 of Payson Center HeartGifts Boutique offers a warm inviting atmosphere for those with cancer and those who care for them.The boutique also featuresTheWig Bank courtesy of American Cancer Society ACS and Payson Center. Paysonhealth is published as a service for our community members and friends. 2016 ConcordHospital250PleasantStreetConcordNH 03301. Phone603225-2711 TTYTDD 603228-7135 Assistive hearing or visual devices and language interpreters are provided free of charge to patients and their companions upon request. For address changes to be removed from mailing list or to receive Concord Hospital publications electronically please e-mail your request to EDITOR Jennifer Dearborn CONTRIBUTINGWRITERS DavidTirrell-Wysocki CREATIVE Doreen St. Laurent PhotographyArt Front cover Pg 2 5 6 8 11 12 13 20 25 28 Pg 6 10 14 16 18 23 26 27 page headers Thinkstock Inc. Pg 26 Pedaling for Payson Thomas Bailey Back cover and CHPA. 250 Pleasant Street Concord New Hampshire 03301 Non Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 256 Manchester NH Connect At A Glance Concord Hospital Payson Center for Cancer Care main number 603230-6000 or 800441-1138 e-mail Jim Marianne Cook Radiation Oncology Department 603230-6100 NH Oncology-Hematology PA 603224-2556 Concord Hospital Breast Care Center 603230-7266 HOPE Resource Center 603230-6031 Joan K. Farrel Cancer Resource Library 603227-7000 x5919 HeartGifts Boutique 603230-6035 Anticancer Lifestyle Program 603230-6031 Concord Hospital Trust 603415-6624