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  • SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder

    In this workshop, participants will gain greater insight into the causes of SAD, its symptoms, and various treatment options.

  • Savor: Mindful Eating

    Discover habits and behaviors in your life that undermine healthful eating and learn how the practice of self-compassion can help resolve unhealthy patterns.

  • Singing Bowls Meditation

    Recipients often experience joy, peace, confidence and balance, restored feelings of well-being, reduced pain along with more energy and clarity of thought.

  • Transformational Breath®

    This form of Breathwork, helps the natural healing process for all types of trauma, and is beneficial in gaining greater physical, mental and spiritual health.

  • Understanding Depression

    Understanding the nature and cause of depression has evolved over the centuries.

  • Wellness Coach

    Work with a Certified Health Fitness Specialist to start moving towards a healthier lifestyle.

  • What is Addiction?

    Patients' experience and family interaction will be discussed.

  • Yoga for Backs

    A class for people experiencing chronic mild to moderate back pain and spine-related problems or anyone looking to continue a previous back surgery PT program.

  • Yoga One-on-One

    This private program can be an introduction or re-introduction to yoga in a safe and private space.

  • Yoga Techniques for Women with Pelvic Pain

    In this class we will focus on strengthening and stretching the muscles that tie into the pelvic bowl and supporting structures.

Page of 3, showing items 21-30 of 30.