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  • Curb Your Cravings

    Learn techniques to help you end cravings and stop impulse overeating.

  • Feed Your Brain

    Learn about dietary and lifestyle approaches that directly affect nerve cell health and function, resulting in optimal cognitive and physical health.

  • Food as Medicine: Preventing and Treating Disease with Diet

    A community presentation by Dr. Michael Greger a physician, author and internationally, recognized speaker on nutrition, food safety and public health issues.

  • Foods that Fight Inflammation

    Learn the ins and outs of overall nutrition to help enhance your body's immune system with foods that reduce inflammatory stress.

  • Healthy & Safe First: More Below the Surface

    Learn food handling practices that reduce contaminants and help keep food safe to eat.

  • Lowering Your Blood Pressure with the DASH Diet

    Find out how the DASH diet can be effective at lowering your blood pressure numbers and managing your weight.

  • Power Foods for Seniors

    Your body's nutritional needs change as you advance in age, learn what nutrients you may be lacking and how to create meals that provide the nutrients you need.

  • Veggies for Me

    If you are a vegetarian or thinking about becoming one, this class will help you develop simple meal plans to ensure you meet your nutritional needs.

  • Vitamin D-Fense

    Learn the basics of the known functions of vitamin D in the body, as well as factors which optimize its performance.

  • What is the Label Really Telling Us?

    This class teaches simple ways to reduce your intake of hazardous chemicals and potential allergens.

Page of 2, showing items 11-20 of 20.