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To filter results for a specific category of classes (i.e. cancer, diabetes, childbirth) use the search. For example, search 'cancer' to see classes listed in the category of cancer. Click 'Classes & Events' in the breadcrumbs at the top of the page to view classes by category. 

  • Active Aging Week: Food on the Mind

    Scientists state what you eat can make an impact on whether you develop late-onset Alzheimer’s Disease.

  • Do it the Dash Way

    A six week class teaching you how to ease into the DASH meal plan without feeling restrictive.

  • ONE Personal Weight Loss Program

    Are you ready for an individualized nutrition and exercise plan with goals aimed at long-term success? This is the class for you.

  • Plant-Based Eating

    Learn innovative ways to approach plant-based eating without depriving yourself of essential nutrients.

  • Stop and Drop Challenge

    A program challenging you to avoid non-nutritive foods that exacerbate inflammation and contribute to weight gain.

  • What's Up with Your Sugar?

    Learn what foods can help you stave off Type 2 Diabetes.