Kidney Stone Treatment and Prevention

Kidney Stones? You're Not Alone.

1 in 10 Americans Will Have Kidney Stones During Their Lifetime

If you have, or suspect you have, kidney stones Concord Hospital Center for Urologic Care's Kidney Stone Treatment and Prevention Program is your best choice for expert diagnoses, treatment and prevention of kidney stones. The Program's team-based care focuses on partnering with you to determine the optimal treatment option to relieve your pain and improve your quality of life.

Our specialists stand out by standing together as a team to build on each other’s skills and ensure that you are supported throughout your care.

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Kidney Stone Treatment and Prevention Program

Why We're Your Best Choice for Care

  • Drs. Fabozzi or Jackson thoroughly review your medical history and testing to determine your history of kidney stones, what might be causing them and your risk for a re-occurrence.
  • The Progran's multidisciplinary team outlines a comprehensive program of dietary consultation, lifestyle changes and appropriate medical therapy to work with you to develop a course of treatment to help prevent kidney stones from recurring.
  • If you’re at high risk for a re-occurrence you’re referred to the Kidney Stone Clinic at Center for Urologic Care, which meets twice a month.

We individualize each patient’s treatment based on their lab test results and direct medical management and dietary management to their specific condition.

Scott Fabozzi, MD

Kidney Stone Clinic

  • Before your in-depth Kidney Stone Clinic consultations, you have thorough urine and blood tests and are asked to keep track of what you eat with a food diary.
  • Nurse practitioner Cassie Delude reviews test results and highlights conditions that might be forming your kidney stones, including certain foods. She presents a medical care plan that may include medication or changes in diet.
  • Registered registered dietician Kathy Burzynski then reviews your food diary and presents a dietary plan based on your medical care plan and other possible medical conditions.

RESOURCE: Preventing Kidney Stones Through Diet

The Kidney Stone Clinic puts me on track and I think the results speak for themselves. Each time I’ve come back, the numbers have dropped more and more to where they need to be.

Stephen Wheeler, patient

PATIENT STORY: Stephen Wheeler

Technology Highlights

On-Site Lithotripter

Each year, approximately 100 patients experiencing acute kidney stone pain benefit from Concord Hospital being the only hospital in New Hampshire with its own lithotripter — a high-tech device that uses sound waves to fragment kidney stones. Thanks to the on-site lithotripter, Concord Hospital Center for Urologic Care patients with acute kidney stone pain don't have to wait days for access to a lithotripter, to experience the pain relief lithotripsy treatment provides.

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Ureteroscopy & Lasers

The most common kidney stone treatment performed at Concord Hospital is ureteroscopy, combined with laser technology. A urologist threads a ureteroscope, or very thin telescope, into the urinary tract to locate the stone. A flexible fiber extended through the scope allows the urologist to focus a laser beam on the stone to break it into smaller pieces, making them easier to remove or to pass out of the body on their own.

PCNL Surgery

Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) is a major surgery used to treat patients with exceptionally large kidney stones. During the procedure, Dr. Fabozzi inserts a tube in the patient’s kidney through a small incision in the back, and using a scope for guidance, locates the stones. Ultrasound and laser technology are then used to shatter and remove the stones. Dr. Fabozzi has performed hundreds of PCNL surgeries; his experience offers excellent outcomes for even the most complex stones.

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What Patients Are Saying

Cassandra Delude, APRN was friendly, knowledgeable, respectful and a good listener.

Dr. Fabozzi and his nurse were nice and made me feel comfortable.