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  • Certified Mastectomy Fittings

    If you have had breast surgery, you are eligible for a free appointment to be fitted for a prosthetic.

  • ChiFresh

    This class is your opportunity for a refresher on key concepts taught in the basic ChiRunning class.

  • Childbirth, Condensed Workshop

    In this one day class, an educator guides you through the process of labor and childbirth in a supportive environment.

  • Chill and Chew

    Learn about the relationship between food and stress and the benefits of nourishing your body throughout the day.

  • Clear Change for Health and Vitality

    A simple and structured program using whole foods to re-energize your mind and body.

  • Composting

    In this class, learn the impact of composting on soil, organisms in compost, materials for composting, methods and resources for success.

  • Concord Mom's Prom 5th Annual Ladies Night Out for Charity

    A special fundraising event May 12, 2017 at Grappone Conference Center. Benefits: Pediatrics Unit Behavioral Health Services.

  • Cooking for One Can Be Fun

    Learn how to make a wholesome meal for one that will save you time, money, calories and sodium.

  • DASH for Wellness

    A six-week class that teaches you how to ease into the DASH meal plan without feeling restrictive.

  • Diabetes Why Weight

    This program is an innovative, comprehensive, and stimulating approach to weight loss and achieving optimal glycemic control.

Page of 14, showing items 21-30 of 137.  

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